Justin Shapiro is a singer/songwriter, originally from Bethesda, MD. With a love of rock, folk, blues, 90's grunge and jam bands, Justin brings his energy, passion, groove driven rhythms, and signature percussive guitar playing to sunny Florida. He blends his sound from influences like Pearl Jam, Ben Harper, Dave Matthews Band, Dispatch, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Neil Young and more. 


Justin came onto the DC  music scene in 2007 and formed Green River Junction in 2009 with percussionist Rich Cairns. He developed his own songs and style, playing solo in bars around the area, and local venues with GRJ. He released his debut album, 'Campfire Party' in May of 2018, which featured 2 singles that broke into the top 20 of the Digital Radio Tracker rock charts.


Now a resident of West Palm Beach, Florida, Justin continues to make his way around the local scene. His followup album, 'Away In Your Dreams,'  will be released on all digital music platforms in April, 2020.

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