Justin Shapiro is a DC native, and has been a part of the local music scene since 2007. He started out sitting in with local cover bands playing songs by Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and Paul Simon, while he built up his own catalog of originals and covers.


Taking his love for 90's grunge, acoustic rock, folk, blues, funk, and jambands, he puts it all together to make his own unique, signature sound. His big influences are Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, O.A.R., Ben Harper and Bob Dylan. His lyrics have wit and soul; singing about love, loss, triumph, social and political awareness, and dinosaurs!



In 2009, Justin met percussionist and drummer Rich Cairns, and Green River Junction was formed. The two started out as a guitar/percussion duo and began playing more in DC, and expanded into Baltimore. They soon added Justin's long-time friend Derick Wiggins on bass, and remained a trio with different friends sitting in on electric guitar from time to time. Rich moved with his family to North Carolina and the chemistry of GRJ was never quite the same, and soon fizzled out.


Today, you can catch Justin every Friday in DC, and most Saturdays, with the occasional weeknight all over the DMV. His shows are always fun, upbeat, high energy, and engaging.

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